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Create a unique identity on the web with your own domain name. Register a domain today and make your site and email memorable.
Domain Names

Web Domain Names

Web Site Domain
A collection of characters (that can include letters, numbers and a dash) that can be used to reference the location of a website. For example, hostable.com is a domain name.

Domain Extensions
A two to three letter description that references a type of website or where it geographically represents (.com = a commercial website, .org = a non-profit organization, .us = a USA website).

Note: Most domain extension registries do not require any proof (type of website, location of website) to use a particular extension. For example, you don't have to be located in, or even have content related to the USA to use the .us extension. The exception to this is some of the country code domain extensions.

Domain Privacy
This feature prevents your name, address and phone number from being published in the publicly available and easily accessible WHOIS database that list contact information for all domain names.

With Hostable you can register domains, transfer an existing domain to your account and create subdomains that point to specific pages within your website.

Domain Renewals
All domains registered or transferred to Hostable renew automatically 14 days before they expire. This feature prevents your domains from expiring, resulting in you losing your domain or paying heavy fees to get it back.

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